We sell and supply biogas anaerobic digesters. Biogas is a carbon-neutral waste management solution, and allows you to do your bit to help the planet and save on power bills.

You can simply throw in any organic material into the digester and it will provide you with biogas and perhaps more importantly organic liquid fertilizer. Biogas is renewable energy and can be used as a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) alternative. Ideal for cooking gas and hot water systems. You can even power a generator for electricity or run a motor vehicles similar to existing LPG/autogas cars.

A home biogas solution is an outstanding option for off-grid living, but we'd recommend them for every a family house, villa, resort, backyard, hotel, restaurant, fresh good grocery store, farm, smart home, smart estate. We are confident residential, industrial or businesses might be interested. It's basically FREE energy, while helping the planet.

We offer various size hard design biogas digesters! Prior to this we used a cost-effective soft design (similar to HomeBiogas.com), but we don't recommand a soft design anymore - the membrane can tear, and the support structure is weak and not suitable for Australian conditions. The hard design solution is enclosed in a greenhouse to maximize efficiency and reduce process (aka retention) time. This design uses a stainless steel frame, sink and outlet - instead of a plastic or known existant frame like the various soft design soluitons out there - a hard design ensures a long-lasting design, protected from the elements such as weather and animals if used outdoors.

You can even use a biogas digester for human waste management. Typically people use septic tank which is similar to a biogas digester however unfortunately not designed well to produce biogas and organic liquid fertilizer. This is because a septic tank is low temperature and not gas-tight. So basically a biogas digester can replace a typical septic tank and should require much less maintenance than a typical septic tank, if at all. Toilet paper is made of organic material and breaks down in liquid after a period of time so shouldn't be an issue. And the urine will also be converted to biogas! Another option is to use a underground gas-tight septic tank and connect it to a biogas digester. This is called a two stage digester, where the underground gas-tight septic tank is doing pre-treatment. In this case, the bottom layer (aka sludge) from the septic tank is pumped into the biogas digester. So overall, the entire system produces less sludge and more biogas. Furthermore, less sludge means less septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

We'd recommend the system is used outdoors for warm/hot climate locations (e.g. Queensland and Darwin). For colder climates (e.g. Tasmania) we recommend the system is used indoors with the heater accessory we offer (installed within the digester). For areas like NSW - either option will likely be sufficient.

BioGas - A Natural Gas Alternative (Renewable Energy)

Biogas is a mixture of gases, primarily consisting of methane aka biomethane (50-80%), carbon dioxide (5-50%), hydrogen (0-1%), hydrogen sulphide (0-3%), and oxygen (0-2%) produced from organic materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste and food waste.

It should be noted that hydrogen sulphide has a rotten egg smell, and exposure is particularly dangerous for two reasons: concentrations of 800 ppm (even for just a short time) can be fatal; a person can become desensitized to the smell of from prolonged low-level exposure (meaning a person may inadvertently become unaware of exposure to concentrations that could be potentially hazardous). It is for these reasons the systems we provide include a desulfurizer (aka scrubber) to remove impurities (and therefore smell) such as hydrogen sulphide. This scrubber contains iron oxide desulfurizer pellets.

It it interesting to note that any animal/human that eats meat will have pathogens, which will increase digester process (aka retention) time to kill the pathogens. In short - a good biogas digester mimics a cows gut, so food waste, green waste and manure from herbivore animals are likely the best sources of feed for a biogas digester. All that said, meat and fish products can be fed into the system with low retention time and kill 99% of pathogens, when used in warm/hot climates or in cold climates with internal digester heater.

Greenhouse-based Solution (Hard Design)

Ideal if you want a very robust design for long-term use. See below accessory options such as biogas stove double burner, 1.5kW generator, and hot water system.

BioGas - A Natural Gas Alternative (Renewable Energy)

Hard Design Specifications

  • Postage Weight: 130kg
  • Dimensions: 1.95(L)x0.98(W)x1.65(H)m
  • Volume: 3.4m³
  • Bag max pressure: 30kPa
  • Digester/Fermentation Volume: 1.7m³
  • Gas Storage Volume: 1m³
  • Biogas Production: 2m³/day or higher
  • External Design: Greenhouse with Stainless Steel Frame/Sink/Outlet
  • Features Built-in: Biogas Filter, 240V@50Hz 20W Booster Pump

Hard Design Maximum Treating Capacity

  • Grass Clippings: 18kg/day
  • Kitchen Food Waste: 25kg/day
  • Rotting Vegetables: 65kg/day
  • Chicken manure: 26kg/day
  • Human manure: 32kg/day
  • Pig manure: 45kg/day
  • Cow/Horse manure: 60kg/day

NOTE: The organic material above can be either single material or mixed materials.

Common Specifications

  • Output (depending on organic material and suitable temperatures):
    • Organic Liquid Fertilizer: 80% of raw input!
    • Biogas: 2m³/day or higher (i.e. about 4-6 hours/day of cooking gas for one burner)
  • Membrane Design: Anti-aging, Acid and Alkali Resistant, Rodent Resistance, Fire Retardant Properties
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: 10℃
  • Expansion Options: Yes - multiple systems can be connected together
  • Maintenance Level: Easy (DIY)
  • Safety Level: Safe (no leaks, testers available if wanted)
  • Install Level: Easy (DIY possible)

Accessory Options (AUD$, ex GST)

  • $4005 - Biogas Generator (input biogas: 3.5m³/hr, output: 240Vac@50Hz 5kW)
  • $3048 - Biogas Generator (input biogas: 2.1m³/hr, output: 240Vac@50Hz 3kW)
  • $1954 - Biogas Generator (input biogas: 1.05m³/hr, output: 240Vac@50Hz 1.5kW)
  • $1353 - IR-based Methane Leakage Tester
  • $925 - Food Waste Shredder (input: 240Vac@50Hz, capacity: 20L)
  • $425 - Sewage Pump (includes cutting feature)
  • $255 - Biogas Hot Water System (input biogas: 1.7-2.6m³/hr, output: 6L/min, 25-500kPa, 60℃)
  • $212 - Electric Heater installed within for cold climates (input: 240Vac@50Hz)
  • $195 - Biogas Storage Bag (2m³)
  • $76 - Biogas Stove Double Burner (input biogas: 0.45m³/hr per burner)
  • $61 - Fermentation Power (3kg), if cow manure unavailable
  • $52 - Biogas Stove Single Burner (input biogas: 0.45m³/hr)
  • $28 - Lamp (input biogas: 0.07m³/hr)
Replacement parts (which are already included in the hard design kit):
  • $131 - Flow Meter
  • $71 - Biogas Fittings
  • $12 - Desulfurizer (aka scrubber) removes remove impurities such as hydrogen sulphide


I have a compost - is the liquid fertilizer better?

Yes - it's organic and proven to provide better yield for crops. You can think of a biogas digesters and a advanced compost system. You can also throw meat and fish into the digester unlike a typical compost.

Better still - 80% of the input will converted to this organic liquid fertilzer.

Can I use an existing LPG stove with biogas?

We'd recommend a biogas stove, however in theory you can mix biogas with LPG, to use with a traditional LPG stove.

Can I use an existing petrol generator?

We'd recommend a biogas generator, however in theory you can start the generator with petrol, then switch to biogas.

Can I use an existing LPG hot water system with biogas?

We'd recommend a biogas hot water system, however in theory you can mix biogas with LPG, to use with an traditional LPG hot water system.

What size generator can I use?

The above greenhouse-based hard design solution can produce enough biogas for the 1.5kW generator. Larger generators would require a larger system or some other biogas source such as compressed bottles.

Does the biogas hot water system water pressure match a typical home LPG hot water system?

The above 3.4m³ provides about half the flow rate and half the water pressure of a typical LPG hot water system. But if you join two of these systems together it should achieve the flow rate and water pressure of typical home. However this means more organic material to feed the digester.

Can I grow plants to feed the system?

Yes - and plants are a renewable source. We'd recommend they are shredded before putting into the digester for optimal performance (avoid digestion).

Can I compress biogas?

Yes - in theory you can use a compressor to compress biogas into empty LPG bottles, however it's not something we don't offer at this stage.

How do I start my biogas digester?

A biogas digester is best started with cow dung, which naturally contains a mix of microorganisms necessary for the biogas production process. If cow dung is not readily available, we can provide a fermentation powder starter. This product is a proprietary blend of microorganisms and enzymes. This blend often includes various types of hydrolytic bacteria, acidogenic bacteria, acetogenic bacteria, and methanogens, all of which play a crucial role in the anaerobic digestion process that produces biogas.

Do larger options exist?

Yes - we do offer larger size systems, such as 15m³. However you can join smaller systems together.

Distant Future Global Prediction vs Near Future Weather Prediction

Perhaps it's worth outlining why we can predict the distant global future with more likelihood than prediction/control of the weather over the next 7 days.

  1. Climate change is indeed a complex issue that has been the subject of extensive research over the years. The current pace and magnitude of changes, primarily driven by human activities, are of considerable concern to the scientific community.
  2. While there have been instances of incorrect or misinterpreted data, the consensus among climate scientists - based on a vast body of research and diverse data sources - is that anthropogenic climate change is a reality.
  3. The push towards renewable energy is about more than just financial gain. It also involves reducing reliance on finite resources, decreasing pollution, and attempting to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  4. The pollution resulting from the disposal of renewable energy infrastructure is a significant concern that must be addressed. Nonetheless, all forms of energy production have environmental impacts, including the extraction, transportation, and burning of fossil fuels.
  5. Personal experiences often reflect local conditions and may not align with global trends. Climate change impacts vary widely from place to place, as seen in the data from: https://sealevel.nasa.gov.
  6. Global warming is part of the broader issue of climate change. The shift in terminology from 'global warming' to 'climate change' was to better reflect the variety of changes and impacts that are being observed, which include not only rising temperatures but also shifts in rainfall patterns, more frequent and severe weather events, and sea level rise, among others. More information can be found at: https://climate.nasa.gov.
  7. The 2020 discovery of a continuous record of Earth's climate history spanning 66 million years provides valuable historical context for understanding contemporary climate change. This extensive record underscores that the natural climate variability driven by changes in Earth's orbit around the sun, as revealed by this research, is significantly smaller in magnitude than the projected future warming due to greenhouse gas emissions. This finding highlights the unprecedented nature of the current climate change crisis, as human-induced global warming is occurring at a pace and intensity that is unmatched in Earth's geological history. See https://scitechdaily.com/66-million-years-of-earths-climate-history-uncovered-puts-current-changes-in-context/
  8. Many of our insights into climate change have come from observations made from the International Space Station, just one of the many significant contributions of NASA.
  9. Weather prediction modeling is based on complex mathematical systems, including chaos theory, which can make precise predictions challenging due to the inherent unpredictability of certain natural systems.
  10. "The Limits of Growth" reports use modeling based on aggregate data, which can be more manageable to predict. These predictions have been generally accurate, as seen in the 1972 report's alignment with subsequent reports from 2002 and 2022. To learn more see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Limits_to_Growth
  11. Different countries contribute to CO2 emissions at varying rates, with Australia being one of the highest per capita contributors. The complete list can be found at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_carbon_dioxide_emissions_per_capita
  12. Our society's consumption-based behaviors, coupled with limited resources and an increasing population, are leading to significant biodiversity loss. Everyone can contribute to addressing this issue, and it's vital for our future generations.
  13. Understanding complex topics like climate change can be challenging without a background in STEM fields. However, artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com) can help facilitate learning and innovation.
  14. The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey, and the more one learns, the more one realizes there is to learn. This is particularly true in the realm of STEM/STEAM fields.
  15. Population growth is a major challenge for our planet's future sustainability. It's a factor that needs serious consideration alongside climate change. In some ways, given the overpopulation issue some could argue that free choice or opinions should be restricted, however that is not conducive to open dialogue and democracy. But it is true that when the population is fewer like it was 200 years ago, free choice and opinions are a non issue in terms of herd immunity. It's perhaps worth nothing the population has increased 8x in the past 200 years alone, and we've been modern humans (Homo sapiens) for 300,000 years, according to the most recent archaeological evidence.
  16. All cultures and countries, have valuable perspectives to offer. It's important to respect each other's viewpoints and engage in open, respectful discussions.

In conclusion, remember the wisdom of the classical era such as the Old Master (aka Laozi also romanized as Lao Tzu) and his ancient Chinese teachings of Tao Te Ching: "No matter what you do - that seed will always grow into the peach tree". In other words - it's our responsibility to care for our planet just as we would care for a growing seed. Think Taoism/positivism and perhaps consider the book "The Tao of Physics" which in some ways links the ancient East spirituality to the present-day science of Quantum Mechanics on amazing insights within the "Limits of Knowledge" such as "Quantum Entanglement", and "The Double Slit Experiment". These two topics are widly excepted by the scientific community as quantum phenomena, counter-intuitive, and challenge our everyday understanding of how the world should work based on our experiences at the macroscopic level - or in the simple, yet profound, words - "spooky" as said by Albert Einstein. Perhaps worth adding the dialogue between science and spirituality is not confined to the present. The inventor Nikola Tesla, in the late 19th century, experimented with an electronic device called the "Spirit Radio", an unconventional device that, while not scientifically verified, reflects our enduring fascination with the unknown and the unseen.

That said - "Once you have discared the impossible, what remains, however improbable, must be the truth" ~ Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle (Born 1859 Scotland, RIP Sussex 1930), and also repeated by Dr Spock in Star Trek. I can't see this aphorism not being true even this long after he said it. After all, "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible" ~ Audrey Hepburn (Born Belgium 1929 and RIP Switzerland 1993), and "Make it possible, remove the IM, that's the obstacle" ~ Scott Froml (aka Kerser S.C.O.T. at age 26 in 2013 South-West Sydney).

But most importantly - "Embrace and Enjoy Life! There is no point knowing anything, if you have never experienced anything. If you have never experienced anything, you have never lived. If you have not lived, you know everything. THINK ABOUT IT!" ~ Luke Scott Cole (aka BluEy at age 21 in 2002 South-West Sydney).

Take care, and may you live long and prosper!

To learn more about Luke Scott Cole, please have a good review of these chief sources:

  1. Old Personal Home Page - https://www.lukecole.name
  2. Professional Social Media Account - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukecole/
  3. 2017 Talk on "Robotics in Road Construction" at the Melbourne Convention Centre, and AAPA/AFPA national tour
  4. 2016 Nine News TV-first on "Cracking a volunteers house wireless internet"

Our Clients

COLETEK Amazing Customer Testimonials

We met with Luke Cole from COLETEK and very quickly realised that he was very knowledgeable in robotics and prototyping. What separates his company from the rest, is that he had a unique value proposition - COLETEK offers a tele-operated / robotic unit for rent and with the flexibility to be modified to build proof-of-concepts. That unit lowered both the cost and time for us to produce a video showing a very challenging concept. In general COLETEK's service was great value. We would recommend them - they will get it done.

thumb Miguel Araos
Mining3, Brisbane

Skykraft is a Canberra based company designing and developing spacecraft for the delivery of global space-based services. Luke and the team have been very responsive with quotes and delivery of machined parts for our company. Looking forward to working with COLETEK on our space programmes.

thumb Doug Griffin
Skykraft, Canberra

We engaged COLETEK to conduct a series of research projects on robotics and we very pleased with their technical skill, creative thinking and hard work. If you need to prototype a complex technical idea, they are a great partner to work with.

thumb Stephen Phillips
Mawson Ventures, Brisbane

COLETEK have been absolutely fantastic in their support and manufacture of various components for us. Our designs are always bespoke, intricate and low volume and it’s great to have an Australian company like COLETEK as a trusted and quality manufacturer for our spacecraft mechanical components and assemblies – which have been flight proven through successful mission operations. Keep up the great work!

Andrin Tomaschett
ADFA & UNSW Canberra Space

Intuitive, innovative & efficient are three words that would appropriately describe the COLETEK service. Luke and the team at COLETEK have taken our concepts to the next level.

thumb Alan Hay
Boylan Group, Sydney

From an idea in my head to making sales nationwide and now worldwide. COLETEK were there every step of the way. The product was my first development so I had no idea really. With COLETEK offering privacy agreements and steering me in the right direction, it gave me confidence instantly. One thing that may seem irrelevant they questioned me about what it was I was trying to achieve and if in fact if it's even viable? That for me showed COLETEK wasn't in it just for my money. After some meetings and a couple of CAD drawings we had our first working prototype. COLETEK's knowledge and experience definitely made this whole process a lot easier. From CAD drawings, prototypes, liaising with suppliers in Australia and overseas - COLETEK done the lot. I'd highly recommend COLETEK!

James Youngs
ARCH LEVR, Gold Coast

Delivered excellence on time, great work and great team, thanks!

thumb Alexander Tietge

Great delivery, and great relationship orientated services.

thumb Damian Carrell
AEDesign (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan, Germany

We had the opportunity to work with Coletek on the re-work of some complex SMD PCB assemblies during 2019. The work was carried out to a very high standard and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. We would not hesitate to recommend COLETEK for any type of complex technology work requiring high accuracy and professionalism.

thumb Mark Riley
ContentKeeper Technologies, Canberra

As the proprietor a DIY environmentally pest control products business I have been more then impressed with COLETEK's design capability and professionalism in assisting to realise an idea into reality. From concept, CAD drawings, 3D modelling, alterations right through to the finished product. I am extremely happy with our new termite control product. I have no hesitation in recommending COLETEK's services.

thumb Paul Faranda
EBC Enviro Bug Control, Northern Rivers

I consulted COLETEK for some work, commencing in 2014, and haven’t looked back. The project was very important to me, and COLETEK not only saw that but exuded sincere enthusiasm about the project; they are attentive, and thorough in their research and development service. They are a wealth of information and advice, for many aspects of the entire engineering and commercialization space, and this has been invaluable to me. I look forward to continuing work with them long into the future!

thumb Josh Goicoechea
Evios Pty Ltd, Brisbane

In the development of our new product Smart Syphon we had a tight deadline to launch the commercial version of our product and experienced some issues with our drawings. Luke and his team dealt with the issues, worked through the week-end and delivered a quality outcome on time.

thumb Gavin Kelly
Islex Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbane

Our company has been working with COLETEK and Luke Cole for several years. Luke is very intelligent in many areas and has provided us with excellent designs and service. With the addition of a marketing section to provide brochures, packaging, etc. COLETEK is a one-stop shop. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend Luke and his company.

thumb Adrian Morgante
Intelligent Inventions Ltd, Gold Coast

COLETEK have provided one to one communication throughout the development process and gone above and beyond in bringing our ideas closer to becoming a reality! Luke's expertise and knowledge with computer software and electronics is Jedi like, but what I liked most about working with him was his willingness and ability to think outside of the box.

thumb Jarrod Stephens

Salita engaged Luke Cole to troubleshoot issues we were having with a drive motor system with a dynamic variance of torque and speed. After approaching no less than a dozen Australian supplier and engineering firms to provide a solution, and after 12 months of product design and testing, they could not verify why their recommended motors where failing and reversing suddenly. Luke undertook testing and analysis and quickly supplied information on the failures. Not only did Luke uncover a rare, uncommon failure but also provided a solution. The COLETEK team are our go to for the correct solution the first time, for all our electronic needs.

thumb Greg Finlay
Salita Pty Ltd, Sunshine Coast

We had an idea that needed very complex design and prototype requirements. After much frustration dealing with other prototyping companies both in Australia and overseas we came across Coletek and have not looked back. Luke has been extremely helpful to date and we are now on the road to developing the product we had envisioned. Luke has been more than capable of taking multiple and constantly changing design facets in his stride and has ultimately given us a clear path to a successful product.

Richard Dwyer
Northern Territory

Luke has a very broad depth of knowledge across many engineering disciplines and has a large project base to draw experience from. I engaged COLETEK for assistance in some early electro-mechanical design for a hoisting system. They've been a great resource for helping develop ideas.

Mitchell Ewin
Gold Coast

Great prototype product made to our specs with minimal fuss. Delivered on time and within budget. Thanks team.

thumb Mike Haines
Haines Video Productions, Sunshine Coast

I would thoroughly recommend COLETEK they provided me with excellent feedback and engineering knowledge with regards to our idea. They also have continued to help us with what direction we should take and introduced us to other professionals that have also guided us. I suggest anyone who has been thinking of something they would like to pursue should contact them to get the most realistic approach of making it successful.

Greg Franich

I had a technical design and prototype job I needed done and had contacted two companies in Brisbane before I discovered COLETEK. From my first conversation with Luke, I knew that he was the best person for the job and he delivered under budget and within the required timeframe. The device he manufactured for my company will save us thousands of dollars and it is highly likely that we will on-sell the device to similar organisations. I recommend COLETEK for any design and prototype work you can imagine for your business.

thumb James Hourigan
Eraza Laser, Townsville

We worked with Luke from COLETEK to develop a prototype for a new venture. Luke was able to give us practical advice on how to execute the project inline with our budget that was super useful. What has been endearing, is that even after the build was complete, Luke continues to touch base with us offering help to keep the momentum of the project going forward.

thumb Matthew Hayden
Conversion Kings, Brisbane

Thank you for the fast and efficient service you have provided us over the years for 3D printing prototypes of specialised containers we are developing to manufacture. The 3D printing has been beneficial in perfecting and obtaining the perfect containers to suit the purpose and our needs.

thumb Linda Lonsdale
Rowdy's, Tweed Coast

After approaching COLETEK with a few sketches of a plumbing tool I had in mind Luke and I immediately bounced a few ideas around. Leaving things with Luke he quickly produced some 3D images and ideas we subsequently used. Before long COLETEK produced an operational 3D printed prototype of the tool. I was then able to use this prototype to seek funding for further research and development.

thumb Kyle Berryman

We have used COLETEK on a couple of occasions and found their service to be professional and on time. We specialise in engineering and design of height safety equipment and since a lot of parts are made by casting from stainless steel we require a quick model before we proceed with the tool manufacture. COLETEK has been able to provide this quickly saving us valuable time and giving us peace of mind knowing our parts will look right when casted from stainless steel.

thumb Jan Kroupa
Safety Roof Anchors, Sydney

I'm in the early stages of my prototype design. I have worked with Luke for a couple of years now and in that time I have found Luke to be very reliable, responsible with my design, honest and trustworthy. What stood out the most was Luke's pride and commitment that he undertakes to ensure a positive outcome. I consider it a privilege to call Luke an associate and have no hesitation in encouraging others to do the same.

Linda Wells
Sunshine Coast

Multistore Industries was in the process of developing new product for a client and needed a 3D handle printed before we went into the expense of mass production. I meet with Luke several times and he assisted with the drawings and then printed the handle. The handle was then presented to our client within 1 week and approved by the client. Thank you to Luke and his team for making this process so easy and for a client who couldn’t visualise the finished product Coletek was the perfect solution. Our company will not hesitate to use COLETEK for further projects.

Jodie Rogers
Multistore Industries P/L, Logan

Working with COLETEK has been a pleasure. All parts we received are good quality and made exactly to our drawings, turnaround times were quick and never later than stated. Overall a great supplier and would recommend to any others interested in 3D Printing. Thank you!

Luke Weisenberger
KW Automation, Sunshine Coast

Our first foray into the world of 3D printing brought us to COLETEK. We consider ourselves fortunate to have made this connection. COLETEK were accessible and easy to communicate with. They provided clear feedback and advice regarding the printing process, 3D file formats, resolution options and the likely time and costs involved. They provided prompt, invaluable service at a critical stage of product development, demonstrating a real understanding of our particular needs. The costs of services were totally appropriate and represented real added value to our final product. Thank you Luke and the team, we look forward to further opportunities to engage COLETEK.

thumb Graeme Rickards
GreenZeen, Sunshine Coast

I engaged COLETEK several years ago to produce designs and working prototypes of 2 products I am currently developing as I was having difficulty obtaining what I required from overseas design companies. I have always found Luke easy to work with and having face to face meetings made explaining my concepts so much easier than endless emails. Design changes and modifications are always produced in a timely fashion and available for pickup locally.

Jon Pearce
Gold Coast

COLETEK has assisted on a variety of last-minute 3d printing overflow tasks for various projects. I've always found them to be very responsive to my needs and turned around urgent work in shortest possible time frame. I wouldn't hesitate to use or recommend COLETEK for any future design and/or 3d printing requirements.

thumb Mark Rankin
Design Process

I used COLETEK for the design and prototyping of a new medical airway device I invented. They were enthusiastic, responsive to my input and I was very satisfied with the product they gave me. I can strongly recommend their services.

thumb Dr Brian Lewer
Sunshine Coast

I was grateful to find Luke Cole at COLETEK in the early days of an invention idea. He was very patient and generous with information to guide me along the way. And even though I did not preceed with my project, I would still recommend his services. Thank you.

Astrid Van Ewyk

Luke and the team do a amazing job. Extremly happy from start to finish

Ben Grant-Drew

We used COLETEK on a small project involving mechanical and electronic design aspects as well as software development. COLETEK understood our requirements at the outset and worked to accommodate our needs. The whole process was professionally conducted and we highly recommend COLETEK

thumb Alfred Petro
Mack Aquarium Solutions, Brisbane

I would like to thankyou for your time and development knowledge for assisting me in designing a new helmet for the Fire Fighting Sector. I apologise that I came to you with not much information to work with but I must admit I was very impressed with what design you came up with from your CAD drawings to achieve the final outcome. That new design is in the hands of our manufacturer over in Europe and we are hopeful that we will be able to release a new futuristic finished product for the next fire season. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other customers who were looking to design new products.

Joel Ward
ESKA, Gold Coast

COLETEK proved to be the perfect choice to help us kick our project off. Their analysis of the problem we presented with them with, and their suggestions for the most efficient and effective way to achieve a solution prevented us wasting time and money heading down the wrong path. I'd recommend COLETEK without any reservations.

thumb Peter Colman
Southern Ocean Subsea, Victoria

Thank you for your recent help with my enquiry. I have been able to proceed with my project which was proving very difficult before I was fortunate enough to make your acquaintance. The help you have given me and the contacts I have made with your support has been invaluable. Thank you so much and I look forward to a long and fruitful association.

Pat Mullens
Brass Gifts, Gold Coast

We recently engaged the services of COLETEK to perform some penetration testing on our systems. We found Luke flexible and accommodating with our specific needs. Luke provide what we needed to show our clients our security measures with our systems. I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke.

thumb Nathan Murray
etrainu, Brisbane

I can say that I've only dealt once with Luke Cole at COLETEK and I found him to be very professional and helpful with his assessment of my device. His expertise and suggestions with regards to my invention was great, despite my pedestrian description of it and what I was hoping it could achieve. In the end his advice was paramount in my final decision as to whether I would move forward with the development of a prototype.

thumb Anthony Yappas
Gold Coast

I recently discovered COLETEK after I accidently managed to fry the PCB on my hard drive. The drive contained 13 years worth family photos and wasn't comfortable sending it off where it could be damaged more or lost in the post. After spending hours researching and emailing different data recovery companies, I decided on COLETEK. Luke was very helpful and let me know the estimated costs up front, and was able to quickly do the repairs necessary to get my drive running like new again. I was able to back up the whole drive and the bill ended up cheaper than the original quote. I can highly recommend them and have already sent a friend to get their drive repaired too.

Jesse Bogaert
Northern Rivers

I have been working closely with COLETEK for the past 6 years now, and I must say, it is a success story :-). I highly respect their team, they are a pleasure to work with and top skilled professionals. In addition to their top Technical service, their customer service is brilliant and it is a rare find. Their PCB repair rework skills are top notch and a rare find in this industry. I have been working in the IT industry for the past 20 years in various fields and seen it all so I can say with certainty that they are the best around and I am looking forward to keep working with them in the future.

thumb Oded Kuznik
IT Land, Tweed Coast

Luke from COLETEK provided server setup and consultation for our media production Business. They were prompt, professional, and helpful, and gave us some good ideas and options when it came to a custom and cost effective solution. They have been prompt and responsive since initial setup, offering advice as needed and supporting additional requests. Highly recommended!

thumb Travis Hunt
Ipermedia, Loganholme

I was very impressed with the prompt service I received from COLETEK IT. I submitted a request for assistance on Thursday when my Windows PC failed to boot. I dropped the computer off Friday. Saturday - I was notified that analysis was complete and that a reinstall of Windows was required. Sunday - I was notified that Windows had been reinstalled and all my data had been copied back. Monday - I picked up my recovered machine from COLETEK. Four days from initial contact to having my system back would be great service in anyone's book. I have no hesitation in recommending COLETEK IT.

Kevin Grisinger
Call Communications Pty Ltd

We've worked with Luke and the team on and off for the past two years. We've found them very accessible and extremely thorough in their dealings. Their documentation is second to none and we’d have no hesitation recommending them on this basis alone.

Graeme Thornton
Blue Arc IT Solutions, Canberra

We experienced some issues with our Linux server. I contacted Luke and explained my concerns, Luke come to our office (after hours) to run some tests and when advised me that some programming was required and that the hard drives were overdue for replacements. Luke suggested I drop the server of at his office on Friday late afternoon so he could do the fix on the weekend and he would come to our office on Sunday afternoon to install the updated server. I gladly accpeted such a great offer. Everything went exactly to plan even though we had to deal with really bad storms and some power outages on that weekend. Job well done.

thumb Jack Hunneman
Oz-Cover Pty Ltd, Jimboomba

I had a hard drive malfunction caused by a power surge. Attempts by local IT technicians were unable to recover the data, and ended up making the situation worse. I was advised to give up on getting any data back. After searching around online for an advanced data recovery service I selected COLETEK because of their prompt and professional response to my request for a quote. They also had the cheapest quote I obtained. I posted the drive off to COLETEK, and the team were able to extract much of the data from the drive quite quickly, and they kept me informed at every stage of the process. I have recommended the services of COLETEK to several acquaintances with data recovery needs, and will continue to do so.

Dion Findlay

I came to coletek when my portable hard drive failed, I had data I needed for work and university and they managed to quickly recover all of it and even replaced the drive within the enclosure for me, all within a relatively quick timeframe and for a reasonable price. I definitely recommend them for data recovery!

Tallis Macaulay
Gold Coast

Massive thanks to Luke and the guys at COLETEK. My Hard Drive was severely damaged (level 4/6) and they managed to recover 100% of the data (including a 400GB single encrypted file I really needed), the price was more then fair and it only took a couple days. I highly recommend COLETEK for their quality, value, speed and friendliness.

Jeremy Dunn
Gold Coast

In July 2012, my hard drive died, and with it all my data, treasured photos etc. COLETEK was able to recover the data of my old hard drive for me - it had damaged platters so an extensive data recovery process was required. The service was great and fast, Luke came by within 24 hours to do a quick analysis and was then able to proceed with the recovery within days. We were so happy to get all our data back!

thumb Birgit Rainbird

My Back up hard drive froze so I shopped it around to all the Geeks to see if they could indeed open it. without success. A friend put me onto COLETEK and I had my vital info back within ten days. Money well spent.

Capt. Charles Griffiths

I highly recommend to anyone with a need for data recovery to contact COLETEK - they are impressive from start to finish. I was impressed with the turnaround of each stage of the job, as well as with the cost to complete it. These guys are excellent to deal with, great communicators and clearly know their stuff... and, as I understand, HDD data recovery is only one component of the work that COLETEK does. Well done guys, keep up the great work!

thumb Rob May

My hard drive died with 18 months of work plus photos of my daughters 1st 18 months of life. I contemplated building a time machine to go back and document all those memories again - though I found it logistically and financially much easier to go with COLETEK. My recommendation is forget trying to build a time machine - call COLETEK.

thumb Saul Goodwin
Property Shot Photography, Byron Bay

An IT consultant confirmed that our hard drive had died and that he was not able to extract information from it as it was completely fried! The IT consultant recommended COLETEK to me, saying data recovery wouldn’t be cheap but it was our only option other than to attempt to reconstruct months of MYOB (and other) data. Luke was easy to deal with and managed to recover virtually all of the information on the hard disc within a few days. Fantastic work!! Luke, you saved us miles of heartache!!

thumb Richard and Michelle Dart
DartLaw, Brisbane

I had an external hard drive containing valuable data that quit working. I thought everything was lost. I used the services of COLETEK to restore the contents of my drive and i was able to retrieve everything. I would not hesitate to use COLETEK for hard drive recovery.

thumb Peter Walsh
Livewire Automation, Brisbane

Excellent service quick response and great results and reliability.

David Eckerman
Gold Coast

I was exceptionally pleased with the service that I received from COLETEK. I had been advised by a number of different computer "experts" that my hard drive was fried and that nothing was recoverable. I wasn’t too hopeful but Luke was able to diagnose the problem and recovered 99% of all our files. We could not be happier with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend COLETEK for all your computer problems.

Claire Allan
Gold Coast

Highly recommended for COLETEK's service! Reasonable price and express service! We have two back up external hard drives at home and for some reason both of them were corrupted (later found out it’s due to some sort of electrical surge??). Both drives contained over 10 years of valuable technical works, numerous photos from our pre-kids travel days, as well as photos and videos of our first born! We tried another company but only recovered around 55% of the data and it costed a FORTUNE! Contacted COLETEK, explained the problems and received my recovered data within 14 days of initial contact (it wasn’t an urgent case). I was over the moon when I was able to locate a technical piece of work that I’ve done 15 years ago, and of course videos and photos of our first born.

thumb Elsa Barrand-Lee
Santos, Brisbane

Luke from COLETEK has assisted us on a number of occasions and has always been helpful, courteous and understanding of our needs. There was an instance when timing was of the essence and Luke was able to prioritise our job to ensure we weren't affecting our customers in a negative way. He is highly recommended.

thumb Michael Ibbotson

I have outsourced many projects through COLETEK over the years for a variety of applications. Applications such as a online based software platform that pulls live data feeds and updates in real-time to the user. A custom built website for adding users and products that achieved over 20,000 listings. Mobile applications. Data recovery and hardware repair. Custom SEO services and secure hosting services. I choose COLETEK because I know that a job will get done as requested and within a reasonable time frame. Also I'm a stickler for security and they're the best.

Matthew Krause
Gold Coast

We had the pleasure of doing business with COLETEK who provided us with service work. Their level of service and the quality of their work is exceptional. They communicated with us through the entire process to let us know when the work would be completed. We are very happy to have worked with them.

thumb Steve Sennett
RPX Technologies Inc., Oklahoma, USA

Our dealings with COLETEK were pleasant and professional. Luke was kind and courteous and very easy to talk to. High quality design concepts were emailed through with regularity so that we always knew exactly what was going on. I would recommend supporting hard workers and local Australia business by working with COLETEK

thumb Emily Vincent
Watergum Community Inc., Gold Coast