Now Servicing South East Queensland and North Coast NSW!

Professionals for you

ColeTEK is an Australian technical consulting and service-based firm primarily delivering solutions in areas around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and the Tweed Coast. We work in a wide variety of industries such as robotics, automation, development, electronics, security, engineering and IT. This enables us to understand your problems from many different angles and to provide the most efficient and/or specialised solution for your home and/or business.

Originally, we were located in south-west NSW and ACT, however recently we have expanded to Queensland, so we can now offer our high-demand of high-tech skills to East Coast Queensland and North Coast NSW.

Our team is comprised of unique individuals over two generations, each who have been passionately learning and developing their technical arts since childhood. Together these two generations bring a wealth of experience and cross-pollination of skills, allowing us to provide the ideal solution for your project.

Our goal is to provide technical services to public and private entities that will enable them to take advantage of the modern world. At the same time allowing ColeTEK to reinvest its profits into the robotic future we dream about.